Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hehe cook for the 1st time Oooo

Today Oo.. Mother de fren ask me cook for dem to eat.. cause got party tonight...So i step in to the kitchen..My mother then teach me how to cook loh..
Take chicken... Wash it...
Den later put duno wat thing lai de..
Den luan luan cook lo..
Den the chicken come out de taste.. Not bad wor.. ^^
2nd food is vegetable wor...
Just 炒 lo.. This easy..
THen steam the prawn..
At night....
Auntie say nice.. HAhaaaaaaa... So happy oooOOOooOoooo!!!!!!
But some 1 cannot come n try... T.T
Haizz nvm la.. got chance make it once more let her try....
Hehe dun write le la.. still nid serve demm